1st Period Key Achievements!

1) 5G-COMPLETE network architecture has been defined including also its main supported functions. First production on vertical and horizontal interfaces between components, layers and tiers has been carried out. Design of an AI/ML-based optimization framework for data-driven self-optimization of 5G-COMPLETE infrastructure. Definition of blocks supported by 5G-COMPLETE and its development is going to be aligned to O-RAN. 2) Definition of sub-THz and THz radio blocks in support of 5G-COMPLETE infrastructure: (i) Initial design of RF-frontends for 90-120 GHz operation, fully integrated with on-chip antennas and electro-optical blocks for optical IO interfaces. (ii) Initial architecture of multi-baseband processor platform for 210-270 GHz frontends. Definition of channel combining schemes and DSP blocks suited for FPGA-based real-time implementation. 3) 5G-COMPLETE MANO framework design has been completed. Identification of all interfaces existing between MANO components and between MANO components and SDN-based control plance. Initial design of SDN-based control plane of 5G-COMPLETE architecture including architecture options for RAN configuration and network design for networks enabled by mmWave mesh nodes. Definition of distributed NFV infrastructure design offering virtualized computing resources at the edge through MEC nodes.