May 21, 2022

5G-COMPLETE Publication | A Gated Service MAC Protocol for Sub-Ms Latency 5G Fiber-Wireless mmWave C-RANs

A 5G-COMPLETE publication entitled “A Gated Service MAC Protocol for Sub-Ms Latency 5G Fiber-Wireless mmWave C-RANs” and written by Agapi Mesodiakaki, Pavlos Maniotis, Marios Gatzianas, Christos Vagionas, Nikos Pleros and George Kalfas is now online.

According to the article, in order to meet the ever-increasing traffic demands, the combination of fiber and Millimeter Wave (mmWave) is expected to play a key role for 5G Centralized-Radio Access Networks (C-RANs). Due to the inefficiency of the Common Public Radio Interface for the Baseband Unit (BBU)-Remote Radio Head (RRH) communication, analog-Radio-over-Fiber (a-RoF) technology is considered a promising solution, mainly due to the RRH simplification and lower fronthaul requirements it imposes. In such mmWave a-RoF C-RANs, efficient Medium Transparent-Medium Access Control (MT-MAC) protocols are needed able to meet the challenging 5G requirements. To this end, in this paper, the authors propose a gated service MT-MAC protocol which authorizes each user to transmit the amount of data it requested. A detailed delay model is proposed, which is validated through simulations for different fiber lengths, network load conditions and number of available optical wavelengths. Moreover, the proposed protocol is compared with the state-of-the-art (SoA) and is shown to achieve up to 20 times higher throughput, 2 times lower delay with 100% lower blocking probability and 5 times higher data wavelength utilization, while being able to adapt to varying network traffic conditions. The authors’ proposal also attains sub-ms latency in most cases, constituting it a promising candidate for next generation mmWave a-RoF C-RANs.

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