Objective 1: Develop a mmWave point-to-multipoint (PtMP) mesh node and an integrated THz transceiver to enhance functionality and capacity at the network’s edge.

Objective 2: Produce a delay time-sensitive and elastic optical bandwidth framework for converged network/computational/storage architectures

Objective 3: Develop an advanced DSP platform to increase optical layer connectivity bandwidth and support up to THz frequencies baseband processing in a multi-technology radio environment.

Objective 4: Develop and demonstrate a toolbox of hardware and software solutions to support trusted deployment of critical workloads across the host systems.

Objective 5: Develop joint network, computational and storage resource allocation optimization algorithms leveraging AI/ML techniques for efficient end-to-end network performance and self-configuration in a multi-technology and multi-tenancy environment.

Objective 6: Deploy serverless computing paradigms at the edge for low-latency computing.

Objective 7: Develop an end-to-end 5G network slicing management and orchestration framework to dynamically reconfigure a multi-technology network at service runtime.

Objective 8: Architect a low-latency, high energy efficiency, high-capacity and flexible 5G network.

Objective 9: Validate its 5G network technologies in a series of scalable lab- and field-trial demonstrators.

Objective 10: Deliver a holistic roadmap and business plan analysis for the cost-efficient and smooth migration into 5G networks.