October 21, 2020



The list with the publications in scientific journals of 5G-Complete project follows:

  1. Jim (Shihuan) Zou, Silviu Adrian Sasu, Mirko Lawin, Annika Dochhan, Jörg-Peter Elbers, and Michael Eiselt, “Advanced optical access technologies for next-generation (5G) mobile networks [Invited],” J. Opt. Commun. Netw. 12, D86-D98 (2020)
  2. Giannis Giannoulis, Konstantinos Tokas, Giannis Poulopoulos, Giannis Kanakis, Panagiotis Toumasis, Konstantina Kanta, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos & Hercules Avramopoulos (2019) Integrated Photonic Filters in Support of Converged 5G Mobile Fronthaul & Midhaul Transport Layers, Fiber and Integrated Optics, 38:6, 333-348, DOI: 10.1080/01468030.2019.1697908
  3. Viktoria-Maria Alevizaki, Markos Anastasopoulos, Anna Tzanakaki, and Dimitra Simeonidou, “Adaptive FH Optimization in MEC Assisted 5G environments”, Photonic Network Communications, Springer, accepted with minor revisions
  4. Gkatzios, M. Anastasopoulos, A. Tzanakaki, and D. Simeonidou, “Optimized Placement of Virtualized Resources for 5G Services Exploiting Live Migration”, Photonic Network Communications, Springer, accepted with minor revisions
  5. Zavitsanos, D.; Ntanos, A.; Giannoulis, G.; Avramopoulos, H. On the QKD Integration in Converged Fiber/Wireless Topologies for Secured, Low-Latency 5G/B5G Fronthaul. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 5193.

The following tutorial presentation has been given in the framework of the project:

  1. Luiz Anet Neto, Philippe Chanclou et Anas El Ankouri. “High speed optical access networks for mobile fronthaul architectures,” The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). SC7 (Fibre-based Networks). 2019.