White paper “5G Ecosystems” has been published

A white paper by the 5G IA Vision and Societal Challenges Working Group entitled “5G Ecosystems” has been published with contributions by 5G Complete, 5gVinni, 5Gheart, 5GVICTORI, 5Gtours, 5GPHOS, 5G EVE, 5Gzorro, 5GCroCo, 5G Solutions, 5Genesis and Evolved5G.

The Business Validation, Models, and Ecosystems Sub-Group prepared this white paper, which discusses 5G ecosystems as a prerequisite for value creation for and by the engaged stakeholders and return of investment as a potential award for the engagement. A clear identification of 5G stakeholders supports the creation and evolution of the 5G ecosystems by characterising the potential role that each actor can assume. The identified stakeholder groups include 5G industry and research organisations, vertical sectors’ firms, complementor firms, as well as organisations and associations of providers and consumers active in the value network representing the interests of a larger collection of firms and organisations. Those stakeholder groups include both small and medium enterprises (SME) and larger companies, and whenever relevant academic institutions. In addition, standards organisations, open-source organisation and policy makers are an inherent part of the 5G ecosystems, as are governmental agencies at regional, national and European level that support the creation of value in the 5G ecosystems though funding or procurement of innovations.

➡️ You can download the white paper at  ?https://bit.ly/3hTDfgb