Whitepaper “Beyond 5G/6G EMF Considerations” by the 5G PPP TMV WG – EMF TF

The 5G PPP Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation Working Group – EMF Task Force published the Whitepaper “Beyond 5G/6G EMF Considerations”.

This document provides an overview of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure topics related to wireless communications and in particular to beyond 5G and 6G systems. The relevant standards and effects are summarised; additionally, ideas on what and how to measure EMF effects are put forward as basis for further discussion and research. The available key performance indicators (KPIs) from the fifth generation Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) phase III projects with a focus on EMF are also consolidated with a view of how the KPIs are considered in the 5G system and how they may evolve in 6G systems.

You can find the Whitepaper at the following links:

🔗 https://5g-ppp.eu/white-papers/

🔗 http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8099834